The Map

Welcome to the year 2071

The Greater Miami Metroplex has its origins in the mass migrations caused by the rising oceans and the dissolution of the United States. Initially, waves of refugees moved inwards from the coasts and northwards to escape the increasing summer heat. Additional migrations from Europe and Africa put further strain on local resources. Famine and disease spread through the region, decimating the population.

To increase the efficiency of the response to these crises the remaining city-states turned to major corporations for help, giving them extreme latitude as long as the problems of food production and housing were solved. This resulted in the city's current form - a large and densly populated city run almost entirely by corporate interests.

The city is encircled by a protective border wall, made necessary in the early decades by the tribal bands of scavengers across the countryside. Zoning regulations within the city forbid residential buildings that are less than five storeys. Ground and air traffic are strictly limited.

Across the river to the south is a massive, non-corporate settlement - the Cerrados. The majority of its population work within the metroplex, passing through the security checkpoints when entering or leaving. There is a growing agricultural industry to the south of the Cerrados which augments the industrial food production in the city proper.