Employee Compensation

The Map

Under the General Agreement on Employee Compensation, all companies operating within the Greater Miami Metroplex must pay their employees by pay grades under a set formula. The pay rates given in the table below are for the year 2070 when the median income was 392 Kcr.

GradeAnnual Income
1130 Kcr.
2169 Kcr.
3247 Kcr.
4365 Kcr.
5522 Kcr.
6718 Kcr.
7954 Kcr.
81,229 Kcr.
91,543 Kcr.
101,896 Kcr.
112,288 Kcr.
122,720 Kcr.
133,191 Kcr.
143,701 Kcr.
154,251 Kcr.
164,840 Kcr.
175,468 Kcr.
186,135 Kcr.
196,841 Kcr.
207,587 Kcr.

Note that the General Agreement on Employee Compensation covers only employees and does not apply to contract or temporary workers, and does not include executive perks such as company vehicles, apartments, or bonuses.

For comparison, the average residence value for the Metroplex is 2817 Kcr. The average monthly rent is 5.1 Kcr. for 26.91 square meters.

The median income for the Cerrados is 133 Kcr., the average residence value is 1604 Kcr., and the average monthly rent is 4.2 Kcr.