The Library

The library at Strathkeld Place includes a number of rare books much sought after by occultists.

Strathkeld Place Library

Titles of Note

Experiments in Spiritual Contact (ENG), Ludmilla Krusslov

Heart of Ice (ENG), Ian Grimwade

Das K├Ânigreich Eis (DEU), Helisaeus Rantzau

Maleficia Aegyptiae (LAT), attributed to "Corvus"
Maleficia Aegyptiae (ITA), Jacopo Silvestri (trans.)

La Porte Ténébreux (FRE), Étienne Montvoisin

De Rege Daemonum (LAT), Theophilos of Abydos
De Rege Daemonum (ENG), Arthur Spurlock (trans.)